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  • Main Office Quick Info
  • Phone:
  • 201-795-6400
  • Location:
  • 595 Newark Ave., Jersey City, New Jersey 07306
  • Press Contact Inquiries
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  • 201-795-6400 ext#6605
  • Homicide Unit Info
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  • 201-915-1345
  • Special Victims Unit
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  • 201-915-1234
  • Megan's Law Unit
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  • 201-795-6400 ext#6571
  • Task Force Unit Info
  • Phone:
  • 201-915-1257
  • Narcotics Tip Line:
  • 1800-962-0056
  • Special Investigations
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  • 201-217-5350
  • Victim Witness Unit
  • Phone:
  • 201-795-6508
  • Hudson County Sheriff
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  • 201-915-1300
  • Tips Via Email
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  • hcpotips@hcpo.org
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Welcome to the Victim Witness Unit

For information or assistance call: Silena Shuta, Acting Victim Witness Coordinator Hudson County Prosecutor's Office at 201-795-6508
Office of Victim Witness Advocacy
County Administration Building 595 Newark Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey 07306

Services Provided

  • Assistance with completion of "Victims of Crime" compensation application.
  • Referral to self-help groups.
  • Referral for psychological counseling.
  • Referral to social service agencies.
  • Property return assistance.
  • Assistance with requests for restitution.
  • Assistance with Victim Impact Statements.
  • Presentation to Schools, Civic Groups, Business, Senior Citizen, PTA Groups.
  • Crime prevention assistance.
  • Employer/creditor assistance.
  • Accompaniment to courtroom.
  • Child care services during court appearance, if necessary.
  • Private victim or witness waiting area.

Crime Victim's Bill of Rights

  • To be treated with dignity and compassion by the criminal justice system.
  • To be free from intimidation.
  • To medical assistance if, in the judgment of the law enforcement agency assistance appears necessary.
  • To make at least one telephone call from the police station provided the call is reasonable in both length and location called.
  • To have inconveniences associated with participation in the Criminal Justice Process minimized to the fullest extent possible.
  • To be informed about the Criminal Justice Process.
  • To be informed about available remedies, financial assistance, and social services.
  • To submit a written statement about the impact of the crime to a representative of the County Prosecutor's Office which shall be considered prior to the prosecutor's final decision concerning format whether criminal charges will be filed.
  • To be advised of case progress, final disposition, bail and parole notification.
  • To be notified before a plea is taken and to have input.
  • To be provided a secure, but not necessarily separate waiting area during court proceedings.
  • To be notified if presence in court is not needed.
  • To the prompt return of property when no longer needed as evidence.
  • To be compensated for their loss whenever possible.
  • To make an in-person statement directly to the Sentencing Court concerning the impact of the crime. This statement is to be made in addition to the statement permitted for inclusion in the Probation Department's Pre-sentence Report.

Helpful Telephone Numbers and Information

  • Americans with Disabilities Assosciation
  • AIDS Hotline
  • Alcoholism
  • Citizen Action Line
  • Child Abuse Hotline
  • Child Support Hotline for Already Established Cases
  • Christ Hospital Mental Health Center
  • Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Division for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Division of Youth and Family Services
  • Domestic Abuse Hotline
  • Family Crisis Intervention Center (Children Hospital)
  • Family Helpline
  • Food Stamp Information
  • Let's Celebreate - Food Network
  • Women Rising
  • 1(800)949-4232
  • 1(800)642-2377
  • 1(800)322-5525
  • 1(800)331-3937
  • 1(800)792-8610
  • 1(800)621-KIDS
  • 1(800)795-8375
  • 1(800)962-1233
  • 1(800)792-8339
  • 1(800)331-3937
  • 1(800)572-SAFE
  • (201)915-2000/3469
  • 1(800)THE-KIDS
  • (201)420-3172
  • (201)433-5438
  • (201)333-5700

Last Updated - 6/3/2014